Fundamental PR Reflection

Starting from the beginning to learn about the world of public relations (PR) shows it to have its own specific makeup. The makeup can be seen to create the human interest in this field. My ideas of PR is what the field was limited to and not capable of.  From the discussions during class PR is incorporated within many fields and has continued to evolve.  A person practicing must have certain skills  and abilities.

One ability is to be an effective communicator both verbally and non-verbally. To competently communicate by writing through different mediums. Having critical thinking skills and be creative. It is through utilizing these elements a person can be successful in the field of public relations.

The process in PR consists of four parts with the first step of evaluation. This was the first step in completion of the process with the campaign books in this class with having an informational meeting with the representative from Career Services. To evaluate what the program/department wants to accomplish. The next step is research to define the problems that persist. Third step of action is to make a plan to address the problems.

Fourth step is communication and is the planned program being put into motion. The acronym for this process in PR is RACE. Another step that is overlooked is after RACE to measure how successful the process was in meeting its goal. Having a way to understand the impact of the plan can be used in other processes of PR.

Other aspects involved for a PR professional is the focus they have is on defined publics. This is through using a variety of channels and communication tools. The purpose is to target specialized audencies and is concerned with building relationships and goodwill. Through integration of GRRIT the goal of PR professional is projected.


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