Research in PR

The reasoning for research in PR is the general idea of what it can provide. This is to help weigh the risks in any campaign plan. Symes states (n.d.), “Research, when conducted properly, eliminates bias and gives the leaders of a company a realistic picture of how various members of the public perceive the organization. When throu research it can be learned  how different individuals percieve something specifically it helps to make a target. The target can help to support or refine the goal in campaign.

There are other benefits to completing research. “Solid research findings make two crucial statements about your organization. First, you listen to your customers, actual and potential. Second, you are a demonstrable thought-leader who can provide your own expert take on the results, ” (Ross, 2010). For most companies the most crucial part is the customer. In a competitive market it is valuing what the customer wants and needs.

Completing research gives the benefit of the researcher of becoming  an expert. Another asset is knowing how to complete the research. A new medium for research is the use of the internet. “Enough evidence is available to support the idea that public relations professionals must possess search engine optimization (SEO) skills to assist clients in a full-service capacity,” (Moody, 2013, p. 166).


Moody, M., & Bates, E. (2013). Pr students’ perceptions and readiness for using search engine optimization. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 68(2), 166-180. doi:10.1177/1077695813478182

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